Spectrum Hockey develops a select group of talented amateur and professional athletes.
Our athletes are guided throughout their development and mentored throughout their careers.

All hockey players dream of playing in the NHL one day.

Our focus is not only the short-term success of our clients, but also their long-term well-being and development.
The road to becoming a successful professional player is extremely challenging and only a few will achieve to play at the highest level. From day 1, Spectrum hockey athletes, become part of our family. We believe building a customized plan for each athlete is the key to success. We not only support the players, but also their families. With our experience we will prepare our players physically, mentally and emotionally for the challenges that lie ahead.
We at Spectrum understand that every player is an individual and that there is no one path to success. During this time, we accompany our clients’ progress through constant communication with the player, his parents and coaches. For a player to strive, it is imperative that we find the right situation for that individual player.
It does not matter if you are a junior or NHL player. The best players in the world are eager to get better. We work with a network of coaches to help each of our players improve their game and reach their full potential.
Our winning attitude coupled with our credibility, influence, experience, and relationships in the industry give athletes at Spectrum Hockey a clear advantage over their peers.


We at Spectrum, understand the development process!

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