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Jiri Poner

Jiří started his career of a hockey agent in 1995. After two years he joined company Orr Hockey Group owned by hockey legend Bobby Orr. As a Certified Agent Jiří was a significant contributor to the firm’s success and assisted many young players and their families on their way from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to NHL. He ensured their best interests are protected in every aspect.
He guided the careers of NHL players Tomáš Kaberle, František Kaberle Jr. Jozef Stümpel, Tomáš Plekanec and Jiří Tlustý. In 2015 Jiří founded his own company Poner agency which is focused mostly on the German ice-hockey league (DEL). Since then Jiří has also been involved in the development and contract work for numerous players, including some of the most exciting young German players in the game such as Leon Draisaitl, Dominik Kahun and Frederik Tiffels.
Jiří also provides services for several Czech players David Tomášek, Radek Smoleňák, Vladimír Eminger or American golie playing in Czech League Brandon Maxwell.